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Through this site we hope to educate people about the one, true, living, Triune God. Whether it be for the purpose of God working salvation in the heart of an unrepentant sinner, or for the edification of fellow saints, we pray above all else that God would be glorified in all things we do. If you have not been saved by the Lord Jesus, or you have more questions about what it means to be saved, to be born again, or to be a child of God, please take time to visit this site and read carefully (where you spend eternity may depend on it): .  

Sola Scriptura or Scripture Alone; Sola Gratia or Grace Alone; Sola Fide or Faith Alone; Solus Christus or Christ Alone; Soli Deo Gloria or God's Glory Alone For a categorized Scriptural evidences list on the Doctrines of Grace please visit this site:   

What is the Gospel? Watch the video to find out.

A Tabular Comparison of the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith, the 1658 Savoy Declaration of Faith, the 1677/1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, and the 1742 Philadelpha Confession of Faith (
Which confession of faith do you think best expresses true Biblical doctrine?